Board of Directors


David A. Scharoun
Board President
Committee: Finance, Development, Executive

Judge James H. Cecile
1st Vice President
Committee: Development, Executive

Shirley Copes
2nd Vice President
Committee: Planning, Executive

Robert T. Tackman
Committee: Finance, Development, Executive

Erich W. Shafer
Committee: Development, Fundraising, Executive


Eric J.T. Caballero
Committee: Finance

Nicholas J. DeMartino
Committee: Development

Paula Freedman
Committee: Planning

Charles E. Garland
Committee: Rotating

Elizabeth Hakanson
Committee: Planning

Steve Hodgens
Committee: Planning

Pastor Phyllis Lee-Williams
Committee: EEO/Personnel, Executive

Edward Perry
Committee: EEO/Personnel

Tonia L. Thornton
Committee: EEO/Personnel

Patricia Usherwood Fitzpatrick
Committee: Finance

Jason J. Wallace
Committee: EEO/Personnel

Darryl “DJ” Williams
Committee: EEO/Personnel


Bertha Adams
Richard W. Baker

Deraux L. Branch
George W. Chapman
Ralph Conte
Laverne Frett
Christine Bailey
Dwight L. Hicks

Emma L. Johnston
Gary M. Russell

Rick Shafer

Executive Director Emeritus

Joseph E. O’Hara

Executive Director

Carolyn D. Brown

Board Only Content

Board Message

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Joe O’Hara for his exceptional leadership at PEACE, Inc. over the past twenty years. The agency would not be in the unprecedented position it is today, if not for Joe’s quiet confidence, guidance and direction. As Joe moves on to the next chapter in his life, the Board would like to offer Joe “every kind wish”. Good luck Joe; we’ll miss you!

David A. Scharoun
Board of Directors President

David Scharoun, Joseph O'Hara and Robert Tackman