PEACE, Inc. is proud that our agency has received no audit findings or significant deficiencies for the last fourteen audited financial statements.  In addition, PEACE, Inc. has qualified as a low-risk auditee for the last twelve years.

Audited Financial Statements
PEACE, Inc.’s fiscal year runs February 1 through January 31.  Below are our most recent audited financial statements:
1-31-2020 Audit
1-31-2019 Audit
1-31-2018 Audit
1-31-2017 Audit
1-31-2016 Audit
1-31-2015 Audit
1-31-2014 Audit
1-31-2013 Audit
1-31-2012 Audit
1-31-2011 Audit
1-31-2010 Audit

Annual Summary of Program Activities
2018/2019 Annual Report letter size
2016/2017 Summary
2015 Summary
2014 Summary
2013 Summary
2012 Summary
2011 Summary
2010 Summary
2009 Summary
2008 Summary
Head Start / Early Head Start Annual Report
2018/2019 Head Start Annual Report
2017 Head Start Annual Report

2016 Head Start Annual Report
2015 Head Start Annual Report
2014 Head Start Annual Report

2013 Head Start Annual Report
2012 Head Start Annual Report
2010 /2011 Head Start Annual Report
2010 Head Start Annual Report
Community Needs Assessment
Every five years, PEACE, Inc. conducts a Community Needs Assessment as part of its ongoing management and strategic planning efforts. The needs assessment provides a comprehensive look at life in Onondaga County and will be used to realign the programs and services of PEACE, Inc. with the needs of the community to ensure that PEACE, Inc. is fulfilling its mission. The Community Needs Assessment will inform strategic decisions on programming strategies and priorities.

2016 Community Needs Assessment
2014 Community Needs Assessment