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Foster Grandparent Program expands

Jan 9, 2015 | News and Information

PEACE, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its Foster Grandparent Program into all 131 first and second grade classrooms in Syracuse. Foster Grandparents will spend at least 15 hours a week serving as positive role models and giving individual attention and encouragement to children who face social, emotional and academic obstacles to learning. Made possible by financial and programmatic support from the Syracuse City School District and the Corporation for National and Community Service, this partnership helps our young children develop the skills they need to be successful readers and students.

The Foster Grandparent Program is a Senior Corps service project that gives senior citizens the opportunity to share their lifetime of skills, talents and abilities with children. In improving the lives of the children they serve, Foster Grandparents enhance their own lives. By staying active and making valuable contributions in their community, Foster Grandparents experience improved health, welfare and quality of life. PEACE, Inc. has been placing Foster Grandparents in schools, child care and Head Start centers, and other programs for children and youth around Onondaga County since 1972.

PEACE, Inc. is actively seeking volunteers age 55 and older to become Foster Grandparents in Syracuse. For more information, please call 295-0719.

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Experienced Foster Grandparents gathered to celebrate the expansion at an  event at McKinley-Brighton Elementary in November.

Experienced Foster Grandparents gathered to celebrate the expansion at an event at McKinley-Brighton Elementary in November.

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PEACE, Inc. is Onondaga County’s federally designated Community Action Agency. As part of the national network of Community Action Agencies, PEACE, Inc. seeks to help people become more self-sufficient by strengthening families, improving the conditions in which people live, encouraging people to own a stake in their own community, and developing partnerships with other organizations, businesses, and individuals to support these efforts.

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