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In honor of Women’s History Month: Rebeccah Heberle

Mar 31, 2022 | News and Information

Rebeccah Heberle’s journey with Peace Inc., started 23 years ago when she applied for a Home Visitor Position. Over the years her roles in the agency have included: a role as an Early Intervention worker and Child Development/ Health Services Manager. She has been a director for over 10 years.

Our Community Engagement team had the opportunity to ask Rebeccah a few questions about her role as the director of the Head Start & Early Head Start program.

  1. What’s does your job mean to you?
    My job is everything I would want to do every day! Each day can be very different for me, and most days have some rewarding factors within them. I enjoy being able to help people, whether that be staff or families. Much of my work may be indirectly helping people but overall it is working to help improve the programming we offer for children and families. I appreciate the relationships that I make with members of the PEACE Head Start community. Those relationships really make me appreciate my job!

  1. What’s the best part of your job?
    I would have to say hands down the best part of my job is the children! The days when I get to interact with children are the absolute best!