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Date posted
August 31, 2021
Position title
Assistant Mental Health Coordinator



Job Location
Sumner Head Start, 215 Bassett Street, Syracuse

1. Serve as Assistant to the Mental Health Coordinator and adhere to the Head Start Performance Standards and the PEACE, Inc. Head Start Mental Health Plan.

2. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in the development of the Mental Health Plan, objectives, action plans and procedures in accordance with Head Start Performance Standards, and revise annually.

3. Under the supervision of the Mental Health Coordinator Provide Mental Health therapies for pregnant women, parents, families, and children, that may include counseling and other therapeutic modalities. Facilitate referrals to local agencies, as directed by the Mental Health Coordinator.

4. Conduct classroom and in-home observations, in home observations and conference with staff and parents. Participate in team meetings regarding children exhibiting challenging behavior.

5. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in integrating Mental Health support and education in the total program.

6. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in the promotion of mental wellness for staff and families. Develop and distribute materials that enhance positive social emotional development.

7. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in completion of mental health program improvement plans, based on monitoring results.

8. Work collaboratively with all components of Early Head Start and Head Start.

9. Maintain appropriate documentation of pertinent child and family records. Maintain maximum levels of confidentiality of these records and of all matters relating to the family.

10. Attend community meetings as assigned by the Mental Health Coordinator.

11. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in updating a list of Mental Health providers in the Syracuse area.

12. Assist Mental Health Coordinator in ensuring staff and parents receive necessary and appropriate trainings on behaviors of children age 0-5.

13. Participate in workshops and training sessions to further enhance knowledge and experiences in the Mental Health field.

14. Maintain confidentiality of children’s records and matters relating to the families.

15. Report incidents and concerns of child abuse or neglect as a mandated reporter.

16. Perform all other duties as they relate to the comprehensive team-approach of the Head Start philosophy.

17. Adhere to relevant health and safety policies and procedures.



• A Master’s degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, Child and Family Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Early Childhood Education or related field.
• Must have or obtain a mental health professional license or certification.
• Two years verifiable experience with an in-depth knowledge of the developmental stages of children age 0-5, and preferably also experience with pregnant and/or post-partum women.
• Candidate must have of knowledge of issues relating to at-risk and culturally diverse children and families.
• Must have knowledge of treatment strategies in the areas of child behavior management and family crisis intervention.
• Ability to work with families in a supportive manner through consultation in home or on site.
• Ability to work effectively and directly with administration, staff, and families.
• Good interpersonal and written communication skills.
• Requires working knowledge of basic personal computer applications.
• Must have a current NYS driver license and the ability to travel to various sites.


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Position: Assistant Mental Health Coordinator

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