Duration of employment
52 Weeks per year
Date posted
August 27, 2021
Position title
Food Driver Nutrition Aide


Job Location


  • Physical ability to lift and handle 50-80 lb. cases of foodstuffs.
  • Current New York State license and a clean driving record with 0 points during the preceding eighteen (18) months.
  • Interest in working in a food service operation and ability to work around young children.
  • High School Diploma or GED or ability to obtain either within 12 months of hire date.
  1. Assist in packing food and supply orders for transportation to Head Start sites.  Load packed food carriers and boxes into an agency van.
  2. Drive van to Early Head Start sites and deliver food and supplies to food preparation areas.  Pick up empty food containers as needed.
  3. Facilitate communication between preparation kitchen and Early Head Start sites by delivering messages and information as needed.
  4. Assist in receiving and storing food deliveries, rotating of stores and performing inventories as required.
  5. Responsible for compliance with P.E.A.C.E., Inc. driver manual procedures.
  6. Follow established procedures for proper food handling and storage, personal cleanliness and sanitation.
  7. Follow established schedule for cleaning and sanitizing food preparation areas and all cooking, cleaning, serving and eating utensils.
  8. Operate and maintain kitchen equipment in a safe and sanitary manner.  Report equipment problems to the appropriate person.
  9. Responsible for minor maintenance of the van, i.e., fluid checks, safety checks, etc.
  10. Observe good personal hygiene habits.
  11. Wear clean, washable clothing and sturdy, closed-toe shoes, and provided apron and hair covering.   (continued)
  12. Follow established procedures for hand washing and food handling.
  13. Take food and food storage temperature readings and record daily entries in temperature logs.
  14. Calibrate food thermometers frequently and record weekly.
  15. Track enrollment, consumption and inventory to assist in forecasting of production needs.
  16. Food Serving and Storage:
    • Receive food from central kitchen to ensure that necessary items are on hand for all meals.
    • Receive food from central kitchen; check invoice for accuracy.
    • Store food promptly and at proper temperature.
    • Distribute food to classrooms.
    • Help serve meals and snacks in each classroom as scheduled.
    • Be aware of program menu: make sure that all menu items are served each day.
    • Follow special dietary needs, as indicated by Head Start nurses.
  17. Clean-Up and Dishwashing:
    • Load and unload dishwasher.
    • Rinse empty food transport containers thoroughly.Keep food preparation and serving areas
    • clean. Follow established procedures for
    • sanitizing food contact surfaces.
    • Perform other cleaning duties as assigned (refrigerators, countertops, dishwasher, small appliances, etc.)
    • Monitor supplies of paper goods and cleaning supplies: notify Site Supervisor in advance when orders need to be placed.
  18. Job Interest and Cooperation:
    • Work cooperatively with teachers, parents, supervisors and other Head Start staff members.
    • Assure non-federal share (in-kind) hours by assisting in activities which support nutrition education and other educational activities for children and families.
    • Attend training sessions and workshops, as required.
    • Share job concerns and questions with Head Cook/Site Supervisor.
    • Convey to central kitchen any feedback or suggestions from classroom staff.
    • Utilize self-reflection, constructive criticism, and training information to enhance performance of job duties.
    • Works with all site staff to support the agency’s greener alternatives mission; including reducing or eliminating the use of disposables and washing reusable dishes as needed.
  19. Attendance at meetings, workshops and training is required.
  20. Perform other duties as they relate to the team-approach of the Head Start philosophy.
    • Maintain confidentiality of all data and information.
    • Adhere to relevant health and safety policies and procedures.


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Position: Food Driver Nutrition Aide

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