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Seasonal: now until April 15, 2020
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NEW LOCATION: 823 S Salina St, Syracuse
(Syracuse Community Health Center, please use the S Salina Street entrance)

PEACE, Inc. helps people with low to moderate income receive the largest refund possible and access all eligible tax credits as our volunteers prepare and e-file tax returns from mid-January until April 15th.

If you meet ALL the following qualifications, you can get your taxes prepared for FREE!

  • Your total 2019 household income is $56,000 or less and
  • Investment income is less than $3,500 and
  • Resident of Onondaga County and
  • You had income in 2019 from wages, self-employment, pension, or government benefits and
  • You do not own rental property and
  • You did not declare bankruptcy in 2019 and
  • You did not receive military pay and
  • If you are self-employed, you did not have employees or inventory, you do not deduct your home as an expense, and you did not have a business loss. (FYI…You cannot deduct actual expenses, such as your business vehicle maintenance (i.e., oil changes, brakes, and tires).  These expenses are built-in with the IRS standard mileage rate of 58 cents per business mile.)

Call 315.634.3756 during the tax season.

You will need to bring the following documents with you:

  • Driver’s License, New York State ID ot Picture ID for you (and your spouse if filing jointly)
  • Social Security Cards & Birth dates of everyone listed on your tax return
  • Wage & earning statements (Form W-2, W-2G, 1099-R,1099-Misc) from all employers
  • Form SSA-1099 for Social Security
  • Interest & dividends statements from banks (forms 1099)
  • Total paid to daycare & daycare’s Tax ID# (providers Social Security # or business employer ID#)
  • Forms 1095-A, B or C for Health Insurance
  • For sole proprietors/independent contractors, you did not have a business loss, no employees & your business expenses were less than $10,000. Please bring a summary sheet of your gross income, and an itemized list of any expenses.
  • Copy of 2018 federal & state returns, if available
  • For faster returns: Proof of bank account routing and account numbers for direct deposit such as a blank check
  • Education :
    Education Credits (1098-T) 2018 statement of account from educational institution
    Student loan interest deduction (1098-E)

IF YOU DON’T QUALIFY FOR EITC, but your Adjusted Gross Income is less than $66,000, you can prepare your own federal and NYS income tax returns for free by visiting the link below.mft-logo (1)(2)

Volunteers are still needed to help prepare tax returns.  For more information, contact Project Manager Ralph Lyke at 315.634.3756 or

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