Centro Syracuse
Phone:  315.442.3434

Call-A-Bus is a public ride-sharing transportation service of the Central New York Regional Transportation Authority. It is a para-transit service providing origin-to-destination trips to eligible people with disabilities who would otherwise use Centro buses if it were not for their disabilities.

Your Call-A-Bus Transportation Coordinator can tell you the exact fare of your trip at the time you make your trip request.

Fares may be paid with exact change or a single ride Call-A-Bus transit pass.

The Areas of Service:
Call-A-Bus service is available within ¾ miles of the Centro Transit Bus routes.  That means both the origin and destination of each trip must be within a corridor measuring ¾ mile on either side of a bus route.

Contact Us:
Requests for transportation will be taken by calling your local Call-A-Bus office 7 days a week. Requests are taken at least one day in advance, and no more than 14 days before the day you wish to travel.

To determine if you are eligible for Call-A-Bus, you must complete a written application and it must be signed and verified by a healthcare professional of your choice. This process may take several weeks. Once we have a completed application, you will then be able to use Call-A-Bus. In most cases, applications are reviewed and applicants notified within 21 days.


Friends In Service Here
Phone: (315) 696-8659

Tuesday & Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

FISH is a volunteer organization providing transportation to medical/dental appointments for residents living in the towns of Delphi Falls, Fabius, Lafayette, Pompey, Tully, Navarino, and Southern Onondaga.

FISH Brochure