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FACES of PEACE, Inc.: Jacki Evans

Apr 28, 2023 | News and Information

Jacki Evans has served the PEACE, Inc. community since September 2001. Before her journey started with PEACE, Inc., she studied Early Childhood Education, taught a year of preschool, and then worked as an assistant director of a daycare center.

Jacki’s career at PEACE, Inc. began as a Site Supervisor. Jacki has sought to provide the best Early Childhood Education experience possible throughout her career. She says that, at PEACE, Inc, one is given opportunities to learn and develop in a way that embraces creativity. PEACE, Inc. Head Start has provided support as she pursued her desire to be a leader in the field. The program has offered her training and experience.

Currently, Jacki serves as the Parent Engagement and Male Involvement Coordinator, which includes working directly with Policy Council, Parent Committees and Head Start employees. She coordinates activities and training opportunities that support the parent as the child’s first and lifelong teacher.

In speaking about the agency’s mission, Jacki believes the agency provides people with the resources and confidence as they prepare their children for school and life. Her favorite part of the job is the “mentorship piece” because it allows her to cheer on individuals she works closely with as they embark on their “personal development” journey. Being present with someone as they recognize their value and gain advocacy skills is Jacki’s most rewarding part of the job.

In following up on Women’s History Month, when asked what “Womanhood” means to her, Jacki said grace, poise, kindness, strength and self-confidence. Jacki is grateful for the women in the past that put their lives and freedom on the line to fight for equity and equality; because of them, women have the right to fair pay, the right to vote, and professional opportunities in the field of Early Childhood Education.