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Paint with a Twist at Big Brothers Big Sister

Jan 18, 2024 | News and Information

As National Mentoring Month comes to a close, we at PEACE, Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters are inspired by the vibrant colors and beaming smiles that filled our annual “Paint with a Twist” event. This joyous gathering brought together young and old from across the community, transforming them from mentors and apprentices into budding Picassos and Pollocks for one afternoon.

More than just creating art, “Painting with a Twist” was a celebration of connection, reminding us that mentoring is a canvas where the colors of guidance, support, and friendship blend beautifully. As we look back at these photographs, we see not only the artistic endeavors, but also the seeds of confidence, self-expression, and lifelong friendships.

National Mentoring Month extends the impact of these connections beyond a single afternoon. Thank you to all the young and old who contributed their hearts and creativity to “Painting with a Twist”. Not only have you created stunning works of art, but you have also painted a better future for yourself and your communities.

We encourage you to participate in mentoring beyond the month. Visit the Big Brothers Big Sisters website https://www.peace-caa.org/bbbs/ to learn more about how you can become a Big or a Little and help create your own mentoring masterpiece.

Let’s keep the colors of connection bright, not just in January, but all year long!