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Women’s History Month: Nichole Rivera

Mar 31, 2023 | News and Information

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’d like to share Nichole Rivera’s story!


Nichole Rivera began working at PEACE, Inc. five years ago. She began working at the agency’s Westside Family Resource Center as a family advocate and recently transitioned to Coordinator of the center. Nichole moved to Syracuse eight years ago and has lived in the Westside neighborhood. She states this positively impacted her work as she understands the area’s needs. Nichole shared with us that her favorite part about working at PEACE is the ability to help people; it gets her out of bed in the morning and is her favorite thing to do. She shared that she has been in these people’s shoes and wants to do everything possible to make a difference within the community.

When asked about womanhood, Nichole shared an inspirational quote, “We have to make it work, yes or yes.” Nichole stated that “as women, we go through a lot” and that our lives can be more complex than males. However, we make everything work regardless of what we have going on. “A woman is everything.” To Nichole, Women’s History Month represents the change we are seeing and that we are now seen as equal – “which is the way it should be.”