An internship is a powerful way to support PEACE, Inc.’s mission to help people in the community realize their potential for becoming self-sufficient.  As an intern, you can learn more about people living in poverty and the programs that provide support and opportunity.

Whether you’re looking to develop your skillset or gain school credit, you can be sure that an internship at PEACE, Inc. will help build pathways out of poverty for others while providing you with professional experience.

Unpaid internship assignments are available part-time or full-time throughout the year, depending on the availability of meaningful assignments and the needs and capacity of programs.

Internship Program Outline

College or Graduate students interested in an internship at PEACE, Inc. are asked to complete the Internship Application and submit it to or mail it to:

Community Engagement
217 South Salina Street, 2nd Floor
Syracuse, NY 13202